About the Vulture Gold Mine
John and Marge Osborne

John and Marge Osborne have been the caretakers and hosts at the Vulture Mine since 1970. They have lived for most of that time in the mine supervisor’s house, a century old structure perched on the top of a hill. There is running water, when the pump is working. There is electricity, when the generator is working. There is a telephone, when their cellular phone can make a connection. John packs a gun on his hip to deal with rattlesnakes, although he prefers to catch them with his snake stick. Marge says they have been camping out for twenty-seven years. It is an unhurried, uncomplicated life, and seems to suit them well.

John Osborne knows more about the Vulture Mine than anyone living. He has mined for gold in the Glory Hole, and has assisted in a survey of the miles of underground tunnels. He routinely assists people who use the mine for other purposes, too. The mine has been used as a site for movie scenes, and for a German issue of Playboy magazine. Photographers and news crews visit occasionally, for tourist articles or to recap a part of Arizona’s history.

Although John and Marge seem to be almost a part of the Vulture Mine, they are ready to retire. They have already purchased some acres of land nearby. Still, they cannot retire until the mine is sold. And as John says, twenty-seven years at the same job is a long time.

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