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Additional Papers
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Organizations as Cultures and Information Systems:
New Deployment Strategies
Author: Korey Schulz

This thesis is the culmination of the undergraduate degree that I completed at the University of Minnesota in December, 1990. It proposes new ways to facilitate organizational change based on the international cultural transition that occurs with study abroad.

This paper begins by reviewing common definitions of organizational culture found in organizational culture literature. Then, it discusses ways in which technology impacts organizational culture, and characteristics of culture and that contribute to the success or failure of information systems. Finally, the paper outlines 4 ways in which techniques used to facilitate study abroad experiences can be applied to organizations that are in transition as a result of new technology.

Today, the pace of change may be of greater concern to organizations than the introduction of information systems because computers are so much more commonplace than when this paper was written. But the fact of technology bringing about organizational change is as important or more today, given the current terrific pace of technological change. My hope is that some of what I learned in my study abroad can help organizations make the cultural transitions that are so key to succeeding in today's rapidly changing world.

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